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Salt Water Pool Care Tips

Salt Water Pool Care On-site chlorine generators are becoming more popular among pool owners because they introduce chlorine directly to the pool water. When you have a salt chlorine generator installed into your pool’s plumbing, then you eliminate chlorine storage, transportation, and handling. The salt generator can create free chlorine through an electrolysis process to […]

Adding Salt to Above Ground Pools

When using a salt chlorine generator to disinfect swimming pool water, adding salt to above ground pools is an important factor to keep it safe, clean and uncontaminated. Above ground pool sanitation is critical to ensure healthy conditions in the pool water. Pool water tends to get contaminated with time and forms algae on the […]

Salt Water Above Ground Pools

Salt Water above ground pools are an astounding choice whether you are obtaining a fresh new pool or need to improve to a healthier salt water pool. A salt chlorine generator helps with velvety feeling water, reduced substance balancing, and lowering chlorine maintenance management. The biggest choice you will need to make before getting or […]

The Great Salt Water Pool Confusion

Saltwater pools are becoming popular. But the problem is pool owners are misunderstanding the concept of saltwater pools. Some pool owners believe their pools are chemical free just because they have a salt generator installed on their pool. But in reality saltwater pools are not chemical free, the salt generator is just putting the chlorine […]