Allergic to Chlorine? Get a Saltwater Pool and Take a Dip Whenever You Want

Swimming is an excellent way to pass the time. You get to work and have fun at the same time. But for people with asthma or allergic to chlorine, taking a dip in a swimming pool treated with chlorine causes a lot of discomforts. Furthermore, chlorinated water may cause or aggravate asthma.

Chlorine Can Cause Asthma

Numerous studies show that Olympic swimmers have higher chances of developing asthma. The studies revealed that amount of time spent in the water was directly proportional to the likelihood of developing asthma. In fact, a quarter of the competitive swimmers surveyed for the study had asthma.

Now, a quarter is a significant number by any proportions. It’s safe to assume spending too much time in a chlorinated pool increases your chances of developing asthma by at least 25%. And that’s not the bad news for most people out there.

Chlorine Causes Skin Irritations

Apart from asthma, some skin types react violently to chlorine. If your skin becomes irritated or itchy after a few minutes in the pool, then you are sensitive to chlorine.

That doesn’t mean you can’t still go for an afternoon dip, however. If you want to keep asthma at bay as well as that awful itch you get after a swim, you should think about a salt water swimming pool.

What makes saltwater pools better than chlorine pools you may ask?

What Are Saltwater Pools

A saltwater pool is just another sanitation system you can use on your pool. Just like the chlorine-based sanitation system, the salt water generator works by converting salt to chlorine to kill the microorganisms in the pool. Other products oxidize organic compounds in the pool like perspiration, sunscreen, and urine.

Saltwater pools do not oxidize contaminants in your pool. You can, however, add ultraviolet disinfectants to your saltwater pool to get rid of organic contaminants.

Now for the best part. By installing a saltwater pool, you don’t have to use chlorine in your pool anymore. If you are allergic to chlorine or you are afraid of getting an asthma attack after a swim, get a saltwater pool.

With a saltwater pool, you get all the sanitation of a chlorine pool without exposing your chlorine sensitive skin to chlorine.

Another benefit of installing a saltwater mechanism in your pool is that the system saves you lots of time, and money compared to a chlorine pool. With a saltwater pool, you don’t have to manually add chlorine to the pool, or hire someone to do it for you.

Just press a button, and the automatic system generates enough salt to sanitize your pool. What’s more, some of the newer saltwater pool systems have built-in cleaning features. Installing such a system would save your loads on pool cleaning fees.

And those few reasons are why in the saltwater vs. chlorine pools battle, saltwater pools always win.